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Hi all - long time no see!

As you may or may have not noticed, LaurMeetsWorld got a little makeover. I thought since I was six months into this whole blogging thing, it'd be a nice time for a small change and a great time to slow down. That said, for the next while I will be posting once a week at 1PM on Saturday afternoons; as I juggle school, work, and a new internship. Life is moving a little slower for me at the moment, and I think this is the perfect time to let it all siiiiinkkkkk in. That said, I have a lot of fun posts coming your way that I feel best represent myself. I really was struggling with content creation ideas, and thought that the ideas I was coming up with really weren't representative of myself and my values, and I really was just posting so I could keep a schedule streak (#snapchatanyone???).

I get really carried away in chaotic situations, and with the holidays coming up I think that blogging will be a good way to write about adventures, memories, and all that squishy stuff in between - and less about what to buy, wear, etc etc, because frankly I don't give a crap reading about what other people think about this sh*t and I don't think most other people do either. This time around, my goal is to have 100% creative control over my content by creating all graphics myself with my new iPad Pro (one week in and I'm still nerding out over this dang thing). Aaaaaaand on another nerdy marketing level because I love that stuff, is that I am trying to correctly use this as a science-project to figure out the right resolution and pixel sizes for all the graphics, and make sure to SEO each post. I also want to focus on my long-term goals of happiness, adventure, and minimalism, which I feel like most people don't really know about because I just don't like talking about it. It's time for this lil' Laur to grow a little more, and you'll see those changes soon. Anyways, whether you care or not about this change, here it is and I hope you enjoy. x

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STAY TUNED. 11.11.17

Initiation Gifts: Part Two!

Hi all! With initiation for my chapter coming up this Sunday, I thought a Part Two for Initiation gifts is in order! Initiation is such a special moment, and it means that your new member class are now your sisters forever (in a very non-creepy way)! I certainly don't think anything over-the-top needs to be done for initiation presents, but I do think that it is important to make sure your new members, little, and/or grandlittle understands how special and precious this moment is. I know for my initiation, my entire family (none of which are in my sorority) surprised me with just about a million letters of how proud they are of me. That was something so special to me because even my family from out of state who I only get to see every few years sent in letters. I still have all of these, and I love looking back on the memory!

There are so many ways to save money while still recognizing this important ceremony. I kind of think about it more like celebrating a Baptism and less than celebrating Christmas - is that confusing? I mean to say it is definitely one of those things where the thought truly matters. Below, I've made a small little gift list of ideas for that New Member in your life. For more ideas click here, and I hope you all have an amazing Halloweekend!


HEY Y'ALL. Happy Wednesday! All this week, I have been juggling midterms, projects, registering for my last semester of college (Um, what??) and kind of most importantly - apply for a million internships! My major offers elective credit for internships, so basically if I don't get an internship then I am stuck with a 7:45AM class my last semester of school! And to that I say a big HECK. NO. So anyways, that's why I've applied to over 30 internships! One of the most intimidating parts of applying was just sending in my resume to companies that weren't openly asking for internship applications. So, I found a bunch on Etsy (and most are for less than a cup of coffee!) that I LOVE and worked perfectly for me! Not only did they 1.) make my resume much more professional in a way faster manner than I could, but more importantly 2.) will make my resume stand out against other applicants! Below I have 10 different resumes featured, be sure to check them out!! xx

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I Have Another Little?!

HIYA Y'ALL. Happy Monday!! Mondays suck but this past weekend is worth bragging about because I GOT ANOTHER LITTLE! I know. I'm crazy. I know I know I know. BUT HAVING SORORITY-CHILDREN IS SO MUCH FREAKIN FUN. Anyways I love her I love my day 1 lil and I love my two new sorority nieces I got this weekend too! And if you're not in greek life, you are probably all "whatthehellisshetalkingaboutisthisenglishissheactuallyamomwhatthefck" and so you should probably just scroll down, say "awww how cute"and then keep scrollin' buddy. AND FOR ALL MY SORORITY SISTAS - here is what I did for baskets and reveal!

So we only had TWO baskets this year! I was definitely not prepared for this, because when I was a little we received four baskets, and when I got my first little, Leandra, we have three! So these baskets were seriously PACKED!

For Day One, I got her a Starbucks metallic cup with her name in vinyl calligraphy on it, matching lil ombre pumpkins with glitter KD vinyl decals, gourmet popcorn, shirts, a Kate Spade postcard as her secret note, the creed and ta kala diokomen framed!

For Day Two, I got her a laptop cover, pink fluffy blanket, Teen Vogue Bible, two glittery frames, a bunch of shirts, a Juicy jacket with her name and our symbols embroidered in holographic silver, a Coffee & Confidence KD mug, gourmet marshmallows and chocolate!

Reveal was on a SATURDAY morning this year, bright and early! Lauren ran home to me wearing our matching fam shirts, juicy jacket, shorts, and furry slides! Literally the ENTIRE outfit was the same :,) LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER. My OG little was even there to welcome her home!! Seriously so dang fun. I also got two nieces! After reveal the whole fam went to ChopShop for brunch and then to The Madison for a spin class with #BumbleBizz! SO. FUN. (even though my booty is already sore from that workout) All the pics are below, and HAPPY FOUNDERS DAY, KD!!! 


Kappa Delta Founders Day: Why This Day Means So Much To SO Many!

One hundred and twenty years ago this upcoming Monday, four women in Farmville, Virginia founded a sisterhood that would go on to impact the world. These women - Lenora, Mary, Julia, and Sara - would go on to lead their most honorable and beautiful lives, to the highest extent. Kappa Delta's founder have graced over a quarter of a million women, now members, with growth through lifetime learning, responsibility for one's own integrity and ethical actions, engagement in social and civil interests, altruistic service to others, and truth and loyalty to one another - our five pillars. As Kappa Deltas, our sisters have totaled countless amounts of volunteer hours for the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., and has raised over twenty-one million dollars for the Prevent Child Abuse America. This one is for you, Kaydee. For our past, our present, and our ever-confident, ever-loyal future. AOT.

“Out of such pure and simple beginnings, grow great and wonderful things.” – Lenora Ashmore Blackiston


Hi all! HAPPY HUMP DAY. This week has freakin' worn me out but in a nice, busy-but content way. Weekend, whereyaat??? Last Saturday, I had the BEST time taking my senior photos for college. I am graduating Arizona State with a BS in marketing from the WPCarey School of Business in April 2018, and am just so dang excited! I know a lot of people say to stay in college for as long as possible, but I'm actually graduating in three years! I just can't see myself not moving on in my life journey, and being stuck in school for another year. To each their own, I guess ;)

I took my pictures with Natalie Allen (I'll have everything linked below) at Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek, Arizona. Even though we took them in mid-October DURING a pumpkin and chile festival at the farm, the weather and all the plants looked like we were in spring. Heck, some of my favorite pictures are when I am in a peach tree grove picking wildflowers that had grown in the field in bits and pieces. We also found an adorable lemon yellow (my FAVORITE color of this season) pick-up truck, a sunflower field, and a little yellow barn! It was so dreamy and so much dang fun. I'll include everything below about my makeup, hair, outfit, and more!


MAKEUP ARTIST: Isiah Johnson
HAIR STYLIST: Ashley Petty
LOCATION: Schnepf Farms

Dress from: Secondhand Store!
Stole from: Amazon
Embroidered by one of my KD sister's!
Stitched Letters on stole from: Girlie Greek
KD Grad Cords from: Amazon
Grad Cap & Gown from: Amazon (a tutorial is coming soon for how I decorated my grad cap for less than $8!)

Monday Mood Board!

Hi all! After a whirlwind of a weekend, I thought a mood board was in order for this Monday afternoon. The weather here has been sooooooo perfect lately (like 70 - 90 degrees everyday) and I love this time of year, in Arizona at least. We have a Spring-like fall, which is absolutely perfect to me because it means tanning during the day, fruity drinks, and its just a little chilly at night which is perfect for hot-tubbing. This past weekend I was so lucky to have taken my senior pictures for Arizona State with Natalie Allen! We went to Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek, AZ, where we found a sunflower field, old yellow truck, and twinkly lights. HOW. FREAKIN. DREAMY. I can't wait to share all the pictures with you! I am so excited to get out of college (it's weird, I know) and get a move on with my life. I feel like I am being pulled in a million directions right now, between work and school and family and my social life, and I can't wait to be able to have more focus once I am done with my studies. Not only that, I am so excited to learn more about advertising and marketing campaigns through REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE (*insert heart eye emoji cat*). I'm nerdy, I know, and I've been this way since I was 16! Today's moodboard was inspired by just that. I've been trying to love life for what it is, and not what it will be or what I think it should be. I included all the bright fun and dreamy colors, with the jackolantern pineapple to symbolize that this is MY version of the season and this is how it makes me feel. It might not be all crunchy leaves and pinecones here, but hey - there's nothing I can do about that and I'm going to have to learn to adjust to that and be happy or just spend the rest of my life complaining. And I think I'll take the first option ;) SAME WITH SCHOOL! Anyways, happy Monday y'all, whatever that means to you! xx

7 Happy Things.

This month has f*cking sucked for a lot of reasons. Shootings, deaths, hurricanes, fires - you freaking name is and it has probably happened. With a close family member suffering a terrible tragedy yesterday, I pretty had the last straw with this shitty month and will not let myself stand around and just say "oh, hey. this sucks but I mean that's life - right?" No. You have to be the change you want to see in the world. While I'm figuring out what I what to do to make my small but mighty change on the world so I stop wallowing in a puddle of tears with this crumbling earth around me, I thought it would be best to be optimistic. I've always been a half-full cup type of gal but also a sit-around-and-watch-the-world type of gal. So today, partly for you but mostly for me, I decided to find seven different stories of people that saw something in the world they didn't like and how they actually made a valid effort to try and fix it or make it better. Happy Friday, and hug your loved ones a lot closer today. xx

1. The Girl Scouts raised over $1,000,000 in a single day to ensure that all young girls, no matter their financial situation, can be a girl scout and participate in camp.



2.  The Boys & Girls Club in Napa is allowing free daycare for children ages 6 to 18 for children affected by the fire, regardless of membership status or financial capability.

3. Paris is banning gas-powered cars by 2030 in an effort to save the planet.

4. The U.S. Women's National Soccer Team is supporting the men's team throughout their World Cup elimination - even though their pay is a quarter of their male counterparts and despite the fact they WON the World Cup in 2015 and have a great shot at winning the cup in 2019.


5. Suistudio USA is switching the gender-roles in their advertisements to call out the objectification of women, historically, in advertisements.

6. The documentary Without A Net discusses the hardships children may face if they do not have the financial capability to purchase the necessary technology for their primary education. Below is the entire documentary (for FREE)!



7. Yoga 4 Change offers yoga services to those suffering from abuse, trauma, military leave, substance abuse and/or recovery, as well as the incarcerated.

Miami Travel Diary!


I know this week was supposed to be a mini-series, but life happened and things changed and here we are! I got off my flight back from Miami about 8 hours ago and I am so. dang. tired. We didn't even do all too much (as in physical exhaustion like hikes and surfing, etc etc.) in Florida but they are SO right when they say that the humidity LITERALLY adds weight onto your shoulders. I think I slept for 15 hours every day I was in South Florida! Ugh, it was so worth it though. Taking a break in the middle of the semester definitely helped to refresh my mind onto what is actually important in my life and to step aside from all these crazy little small things that I let build up and into anxiety in my life.

I had never been to South Florida before this trip, I had only done the stereotypical DisneyWorld-circuit (as most FL tourists do) a few times before. BUT WOW. I was missing out. I absolutely LOVED the warm waters and South Beach Miami, and I am already thinking about going back with a few of my sorority sisters for my 21st in April! We spent the days biking along the beach, eating at local cute restaurants, visiting a few museums (cough couch VIZCAYA which I had been DREAMING of going to ever since I stumbled across a picture of the palace on Tumblr way back in high school) and lots and lots of ocean time. I literally love swimming in the ocean and I can't believe it took me 19 years to figure out that I won't actually get eaten by a shark because oh M A N have I been missing out! We also had some family time with M's relatives at a local pumpkin patch in.. um.. 95 degree weather?? Yeah, sounds like an Arizona fall too us too! BUT it was a blast. Enough rambling and rambling, below are all the pictures from the trip!! xx

10 Fall Treats I Want To Make!

Hi all! As you are reading this, I am actually probably extremely-jet lagged because I just got off a red-eye flight from PHX to Miami! M & I are spending the long weekend in Miami/Boca Raton/Palm Beach with his family. I am so excited to have a lazy weekend on the beach with the only adventures being going out to get food or to look at a museum, so today and next weeks posts have all been scheduled in advance to give me a little break! Today, I wanted to share my Top 10 Treats I so desperately want to make this Fall! I really am trying to live life to the fullest this year, as it is my last year in college. I know life doesn't end after school, but a lot of big changes (EEK!!!) that I've yet to share are around the corner in the next year or so, so I really want to appreciate my last year being a "pre-adult".. LOL. So, read below and click on the links from these 10 amazing bloggers for the recipes, all the photo creds go to them, and come back next week for a mini-series I've been working on for awhile! HAPPY FRI-YAY, CUTIES! xx

1. Caramel Apple Slices from Domestically Blissful