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Monday Mood Board!

Hi all! After a whirlwind of a weekend, I thought a mood board was in order for this Monday afternoon. The weather here has been sooooooo perfect lately (like 70 - 90 degrees everyday) and I love this time of year, in Arizona at least. We have a Spring-like fall, which is absolutely perfect to me because it means tanning during the day, fruity drinks, and its just a little chilly at night which is perfect for hot-tubbing. This past weekend I was so lucky to have taken my senior pictures for Arizona State with Natalie Allen! We went to Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek, AZ, where we found a sunflower field, old yellow truck, and twinkly lights. HOW. FREAKIN. DREAMY. I can't wait to share all the pictures with you! I am so excited to get out of college (it's weird, I know) and get a move on with my life. I feel like I am being pulled in a million directions right now, between work and school and family and my social life, and I can't wait to be able to have more focus once I am done with my studies. Not only that, I am so excited to learn more about advertising and marketing campaigns through REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE (*insert heart eye emoji cat*). I'm nerdy, I know, and I've been this way since I was 16! Today's moodboard was inspired by just that. I've been trying to love life for what it is, and not what it will be or what I think it should be. I included all the bright fun and dreamy colors, with the jackolantern pineapple to symbolize that this is MY version of the season and this is how it makes me feel. It might not be all crunchy leaves and pinecones here, but hey - there's nothing I can do about that and I'm going to have to learn to adjust to that and be happy or just spend the rest of my life complaining. And I think I'll take the first option ;) SAME WITH SCHOOL! Anyways, happy Monday y'all, whatever that means to you! xx

7 Happy Things.

This month has f*cking sucked for a lot of reasons. Shootings, deaths, hurricanes, fires - you freaking name is and it has probably happened. With a close family member suffering a terrible tragedy yesterday, I pretty had the last straw with this shitty month and will not let myself stand around and just say "oh, hey. this sucks but I mean that's life - right?" No. You have to be the change you want to see in the world. While I'm figuring out what I what to do to make my small but mighty change on the world so I stop wallowing in a puddle of tears with this crumbling earth around me, I thought it would be best to be optimistic. I've always been a half-full cup type of gal but also a sit-around-and-watch-the-world type of gal. So today, partly for you but mostly for me, I decided to find seven different stories of people that saw something in the world they didn't like and how they actually made a valid effort to try and fix it or make it better. Happy Friday, and hug your loved ones a lot closer today. xx

1. The Girl Scouts raised over $1,000,000 in a single day to ensure that all young girls, no matter their financial situation, can be a girl scout and participate in camp.



2.  The Boys & Girls Club in Napa is allowing free daycare for children ages 6 to 18 for children affected by the fire, regardless of membership status or financial capability.

3. Paris is banning gas-powered cars by 2030 in an effort to save the planet.

4. The U.S. Women's National Soccer Team is supporting the men's team throughout their World Cup elimination - even though their pay is a quarter of their male counterparts and despite the fact they WON the World Cup in 2015 and have a great shot at winning the cup in 2019.


5. Suistudio USA is switching the gender-roles in their advertisements to call out the objectification of women, historically, in advertisements.

6. The documentary Without A Net discusses the hardships children may face if they do not have the financial capability to purchase the necessary technology for their primary education. Below is the entire documentary (for FREE)!



7. Yoga 4 Change offers yoga services to those suffering from abuse, trauma, military leave, substance abuse and/or recovery, as well as the incarcerated.

Miami Travel Diary!


I know this week was supposed to be a mini-series, but life happened and things changed and here we are! I got off my flight back from Miami about 8 hours ago and I am so. dang. tired. We didn't even do all too much (as in physical exhaustion like hikes and surfing, etc etc.) in Florida but they are SO right when they say that the humidity LITERALLY adds weight onto your shoulders. I think I slept for 15 hours every day I was in South Florida! Ugh, it was so worth it though. Taking a break in the middle of the semester definitely helped to refresh my mind onto what is actually important in my life and to step aside from all these crazy little small things that I let build up and into anxiety in my life.

I had never been to South Florida before this trip, I had only done the stereotypical DisneyWorld-circuit (as most FL tourists do) a few times before. BUT WOW. I was missing out. I absolutely LOVED the warm waters and South Beach Miami, and I am already thinking about going back with a few of my sorority sisters for my 21st in April! We spent the days biking along the beach, eating at local cute restaurants, visiting a few museums (cough couch VIZCAYA which I had been DREAMING of going to ever since I stumbled across a picture of the palace on Tumblr way back in high school) and lots and lots of ocean time. I literally love swimming in the ocean and I can't believe it took me 19 years to figure out that I won't actually get eaten by a shark because oh M A N have I been missing out! We also had some family time with M's relatives at a local pumpkin patch in.. um.. 95 degree weather?? Yeah, sounds like an Arizona fall too us too! BUT it was a blast. Enough rambling and rambling, below are all the pictures from the trip!! xx

10 Fall Treats I Want To Make!

Hi all! As you are reading this, I am actually probably extremely-jet lagged because I just got off a red-eye flight from PHX to Miami! M & I are spending the long weekend in Miami/Boca Raton/Palm Beach with his family. I am so excited to have a lazy weekend on the beach with the only adventures being going out to get food or to look at a museum, so today and next weeks posts have all been scheduled in advance to give me a little break! Today, I wanted to share my Top 10 Treats I so desperately want to make this Fall! I really am trying to live life to the fullest this year, as it is my last year in college. I know life doesn't end after school, but a lot of big changes (EEK!!!) that I've yet to share are around the corner in the next year or so, so I really want to appreciate my last year being a "pre-adult".. LOL. So, read below and click on the links from these 10 amazing bloggers for the recipes, all the photo creds go to them, and come back next week for a mini-series I've been working on for awhile! HAPPY FRI-YAY, CUTIES! xx

1. Caramel Apple Slices from Domestically Blissful


My Favorite Coffee Shops in the Phoenix Area //

Hi all ! I hope you are having an A M A Z I N G mid-way point of your week. Continuing my Fall Series, I thought a list of coffee shops in Phx was in order. One of my favorite ways to see a community is through local coffee shops (#SupportSmallBusinesses). Especially in the fall, I think it is so important to live local and become apart of your neighborhood. With all the crazy things happening in this world, I think that community involvement is one of the first and foremost ways you can make a difference, and a lot of the coffee shops I've listed down below offer incredible platforms for change and purpose. Have a lovely rest of your day, and hug your loved ones a little closer tonight. xx

My Fall Morning Routine /

Hi all! I am finally settled into this season, so I wanted to tell you all about my morning routine! It's very simple, but I've always been an early bird so mornings are all about reflection and looking forward to the day. Since it's Monday, I thought this would be a perfect and simple start to the week!

Whenever the sun rises, normally between 6:25 - 6:40, Princeton wakes me up. He always wakes up with the sunrise and goes to bed at the sunset, which is both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes a girl just wants to sleep in, but I'm gonna have to admit that waking up to a fluffy white puppy licking your toes is a pretty happy way to start your morning.

Then, right after I roll out of bed I normally throw on some leggings, slippers, and a sweater and walk Princeton for about twenty minutes to get out all of his morning jitterbugs (and trust me, he always has a LOT of morning jitterbugs. anyone that's ever met him will swear to you that everyday is the best day and happiest day EVER for Princeton). After P has, well, peed, I let him wander in the kitchen and onto our patio. He might be half-blind but this pup LOVES to watch the morning sunrise, even if its mostly blurry.

Then, I normally start my breakfast and check my phone for awhile, probably like 45 minutes. I don't really have a specific thing I eat for breakfast, but it mostly varies between a smoothie, energy bar, avo toast, or mini pancakes!

After I'm done with breakfast, I wash my face and brush my teeth. Since I work every weekday morning, I always get ready for work. Normally I just wear a romper or a little dress, but since it's been getting chillier I've been throwing a sweater on top. Once I'm dressed, I do my eyebrows and put on face lotion, deodorant and perfume. I really never wear makeup unless its a date night with M because my face is really sensitive to anything that touches it, and I also think it makes wearing makeup more of a special occasion.

After this, I normally throw my hair up into a messy bun and then make my bed. I really like making my bed in the mornings because it makes my day feel a lot more put together, and I think its just a nice thing to do to get your headspace in order.

Normally by now, it's time for me to leave so I kiss Princeton goodbye and go on a quick coffee run. Because of rush hour, it takes me about 45 minutes to get to work, so having some coffee to wake me up in a sleepy car ride is really nice. And that's just about my entire morning schedule Mon - Fri ! I hope you all enjoyed + have a lovely Monday! xx

My Big September Clean Out!

Not only is it Friday, but it is the last Friday of the month! I thought I would reflect on some changes I made to my life this month, in terms of my journey to living with less to live life to the fullest! This month I settled into school, my apartment, and just my fall schedule. Managing school, a full-time job, a long-term relationship with M, family life, a crazy puppy that needs almost constant attention, sorority functions, and friends has been SO. DANG. HARD. Not to mention that it's senior year and I have no idea where the heck my life will be going in the next year! I know that there is a lot of uncertainty coming my way, and I really think minimalism has helped me cope with it. In not stressing about what I have (or don't have) has taken a LOT of anxiety out of my life. I'm not worried about breaking things, buying things, finding places for things, throwing things away, etc etc. The physical things in my life have decreased substantially and I really think it has been a huge factor into why I have been able to be busier! Just this month, I honestly think I have gone out with friends and loved ones WAY more than I have in YEARS. My journey with anxiety is coming to a happy ending, and I am loving my life right now. No, not everything is perfect. But, I am really happy with who I am and who I've become over the last year of working on my anxiety. SO. I thought a blog post was in order with how I have minimized even MORE this month!


I have been able to finish ALL of my MGT300 and MGT302 homework for the semester. This has taken a HUGE weight off my shoulders, knowing that I don't need to be worrying about finishing a simple assignment! I also have been able to get ahead on all of my homework for the next two weeks, as I am going to Miami next week with M and do NOT want to be bringing my laptop or any distractions, because I want to focus on the beach! I've also been able to write a paper a month in advance for my MKT302 class!


Yesterday, I was able to finally donate Princeton's, who is my 1 y/o maltipoo's, puppy crate, leashes, and dog stairs he never uses. My apartment is SO tiny that it really brought a lot of room to the apartment! PLUS, I was able to help some puppies in need! Always a win-win in my book. (P.S. I donated the items to Lost Our Home Pet Foundation in Tempe, AZ, if you are also looking to donate - they are an AMAZING organization my family has worked with since I was in high school!)


 I FINALLY shipped out my second ThredUp bag. It took me about a month to fill it, but I really just wanted to put EVERYTHING I do not want in there so I never have to go through this process again! If you are curious about what ThredUp is, or what the selling process is like, I made a blog post about my first selling experience HERE! I will also make another post about my second experience, as soon as it is processed (please be patient because this will take about 2 months - yikes!)

If you are looking to sell clothes online, here are a few great resources!
1. ThredUp
2. Poshmark
3. Ebay
4. Depop
5. Craigslist
6. Private Facebook Neighborhood Groups
7. Facebook Marketplace
8. Sorority Swaps

Making Caramel Apples!

So if you're anywhere in Arizona rn, you'll know that something super weird and miraculous happened last Friday. The weather dropped from 100 degrees to SIXTY. It's weird, we're all freezing, but that means IT'S FALL Y'ALL! Now, I'm going to have to be honest and I personally LOVE Spring and Summer. I need the heat, partially because I was raised in the desert and get cold if it drops below 80 degrees (#yikez) but also because I froze to death two years ago when I spent the Fall Semester of 2015 in San Francisco and the weather basically gave me walking pneumonia for the four months I lived there! Albeit, I do freaking love getting cozy and all the cliche Fall activities that come with it. SO! A bunch of my sorority sisters and I all decided to make caramel apples last night, and watched Hocus Pocus! It was so much fun, and I'm pretty sure I still have caramel in my teeth, LOL. All you need for this fun treat are apples (duh), caramel (duh), and popsicle sticks! We had these sheets of caramel (kind of like cheese, if that makes sense? HA) that we wrapped the apples in, popped them in the oven, and then poured sprinkles on top! It was SO YUMMY. I was never a huge fan of caramel apples, but after last night I just don't know how I've been missing out on this!! Here is something similar to the caramel apple wrap we used! Happy Wednesday, y'all!


HOW IS IT MONDAY?! But also how is it only Monday! This weekend was filled with non-stop activities all over town, and I am so flippin' tired but content with how much livin' I did. On Friday afternoon, M and I went to Dia de los Alt, a local alt-indie outdoor music fest! It was about 80 degrees out which nevvvverrrrr happens here in the desert, and I was so lucky that this whole weekend's weather was absolutely dreamy. But anyways, the festival had so many performers, and was a little grass amphitheater with popcorn, lemonade, and lots of great artists!! My favorites were Sir Sly, Bleachers, and Bishop Briggs! The concert went from 3pm to 10pm so I was really flipping tired after working until 8am to 1pm that day, and then going to the concert, so M and I basically crashed right when we got home. On Saturday, we had a lazy morning and ran a few errands, and then I went off to hang with Abby and two new sisters! We went to the Toasted Mallow (formerly Fluff It) which is A MARSHMALLOW CAFE. LIKE EVERYTHING IS MARSHMALLOWS! I ordered a "Pretty Unicorn" which consisted of: a.) a graham cracker bowl, b.) purple vanilla frosting, c.) shimmery pastel sprinkles, d.) FIVE cotton candy flavored (!!!!) pink/purpole/white marbled marshmallows that were PERFECTLY toasted right in front of me, and the best part was e.) ACTUAL COTTON CANDY ON TOP! It was amazing. I also got a cotton candy marshmallow pop that I'll be making caramel apple pops with soon later this week, so stay tuned for that!! After that we went to Sodalicious which is a cute little soda shop! I ordered a DDD which (I think!) has coconut, dr. pepper, and fresh lime in it! It was amazing. Right after that we all hopped over to Tavai's for the CUTEST (because it's Tavai's) tailgate! Lots of our sisters were there so it was so much fun! Go State! (I never made it to the game, but we won against Oregon, yay!!!) Then I was so tired from all the events of the day, that I went home and just watched movies with my pup! On Sunday morning, Abby brought us three all to a Barre3 class at MountainSide resort! The class was on a rooftop deck at this brand-new (they weren't even done building the whole thing!) mid-century modern-esque resort, at the base of Camelback mountain, so we had the BEST view! It was so much fun, sweat, and laughs, but I am SO. SORE. But I definitely want to go again! After that, we bounced over to ChopShop for avo toast (#YUM) with lemon, cracked red pepper, and lemon juice! Later in the day, our chapter had a free crepe food truck at our sorority house, so we all went over there for free (heck ya!) crepes and sista-love time! Then, as always, the weekend ended with chapter! All in all, I had so much dang fun this weekend!! Sometimes I struggle a lot with my anxiety disorder, and it makes me want to stay inside my room because I know that even though I'll be bored, I won't have a flare-up. This weekend definitely helped me want to start LIVING more, and breathing in fresh air!! I hope this all inspires you to live your best life with your best friends, and is also a great way to celebrate #InternationalWomensFriendshipMonth! Love these girls, love life, and have a happy Monday!!! xoxo

10 Study Hacks (Plus Five Extra Tips!) for Midterms!

HI ALLLLL! Senior year is kicking my booty, and with midterms this week, I am S T R E S S I N! Between sorority events, a full time job, trying to maintain a consistent blogging schedule, a serious relationship, family life, my crazy pupper, and figuring out what the heck I am going to do after I graduate AND a senior year schedule, my life is getting hectic! SO ! For this week I decided to channel my inner srat twin (Aryanna if you're reading this I love u) who is an AMAZING VP-O for our chapter and is in charge of all things academic within our sorority! She inspires me to DO GOOD in school, so I have come up with 10 study hacks for y'all, plus five extra tips! Happy Friday, and DO GOOD this weekend! xoxo

  1. Write it down, IRL. Laptops and tablets are really handy for class, when a professor is speeding through a lesson, but studies show that writing down your notes with a pen and paper after class will help you cement all that info down a lot better than typing it up.
  2. Stuck on starting an essay? Make a Mind Map of all the concepts you want to cover. This will help you see your main points, sub-points, and will also help you from repeating yourself. After your Mind Map is complete, making your hypothesis statement will be a breeze, and you'll know exactly which points you want to cover.
  3. If possible, study during the morning and mid-afternoon. Your brain works better during these hours, and you'll be able to better retain all that info you're reading. Studies show that those who study at night only retain 20-50% of everything they are looking through.
  4. Study your notes within one day of taking them. This way you won't be cramming an entire semesters worth of lessons into a two hour study session, and you will be able to retain up to 60% more information. 
  5. Break it up! Study breaks are really important to ensure that you don't wear yourself out, or are just mindlessly reading a textbook for hours on end - but not actually retaining anything. Every 30 minutes, take a short break and check-in with a friend, call your mom, or just go on a short walk outside. I'd say to avoid social media as a break, because it can usually lead to a black-hole and before you know it you've been scrolling for hours!
  6. Study in bits and pieces. If you are only studying for one prolonged period of time, instead of breaking up your studying into different pieces for about a week or two before your final - chances are you aren't going to retain as much. Plus, a twelve hour study session is pretty daunting. Don't procrastinate! 
  7. If you do find yourself zoning out, try finding something interesting about the subject you're studying. TedTalks have so many different topics, and can help you find more interest in the subject you're learning about. It might not 100% have to deal with your exam, but it is a good way to stay on focus.
  8. Keep quizzing yourself throughout your study session. This will make sure you are actually retaining the information, and that you will be able to recall it when it comes to the exam. Be sure to ask yourself a variety of types of questions, such as short answers, multiple choice, matching. or essay questions, and always rephrase the question. This way you will ensure that you are actually learning the information, and not simply memorizing it (sometimes you can memorize things without even knowing it)!
  9. Set realistic goals. It's pretty easy to become deflated if you are trying to get a D to an A with one exam; once you realize how daunting and impossible the task is, you will probably want to give up. By setting realistic goals, you will be able to actually want to achieve them because you will feel confident that you can achieve them. 
  10. Think positively! If you keep on tearing yourself down, you will never want to study. Not only this, but you will associate that particular subject with all of those negative feelings. Instead of saying "I am not good at this," think "What am I missing?" Instead of "I'm giving up because this is too hard," think "This may take time and effort, but if I keep trying I will improve." Positive thinking will lead to a positive outcome, and vice-versa! 
  11. Fill your body with superfoods! Avocados are packed with vitaman-E (boosts immune system), dark chocolate has flavonoids (great for mental acuity, a.k.a. longer study sessions), and banana's carry trptophan and magnesium (which helps to calm your hormones and overstressed muscles)!
  12. Don't skip sleep! REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep is vital for learning association and memory. In maintaining at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep during finals week, you will be more awake when you do study and able to grasp (and retain) information you will need. 
  13. Listen up! Music has been shown to help students improve the quality and quantity of work performed, especially when complex tasks are at stake. Personally, I love to use Calm.com as background noise to help focus more on my task at hand. That way, if there is a sudden noise (like a door closing, computer turning on, or book slamming) I won't be as startled by it, and will be able to maintain my focus.
  14. Self-care! Never forget a meal, shower, brushing your teeth, or laundry. The ickier you feel, the more you will associate that feeling with studying - and will not want to study. Keeping clean will keep your brain clean, and will help you feel bright and fresh when the time for the exam comes around!
  15. Let it go. Some classes are never going to be your strong suite, and this is 100% O.K. For me, I have always struggled with math. In fact, I failed calculus three times and statistics two times during my college career. At first, it is such a defeating feeling. But in acknowledging that my brain just doesn't think "that" way, I was able to feel less defeated and just aim for passing my class - instead of just giving up! 

PHOTOSHOOT! // Styling A Shoot

So, many of my close friends know that I used to style and coordinate photoshoots for a variety of companies and magazines awhile back, for pretty much all of 2016. Being on set is such a great experience, and a very humbling one to say the least, and I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to have worked with dozens of agencies, photographers, and brands at 18 and 19 years old. Now, a year and a half later, I've decided to get back in the swing of things! I took a step back about a year ago, last December, to get my thoughts together and understand more of who I am and my personal needs, as well as get a better grip on school and devote more time to that aspect of my life. With graduation approaching in the Spring, albeit, I thought it would be best to get back into the swing of things and keep an updated portfolio (as I am a marketing major, and I feel that being on set is extremely beneficial for any upcoming projects I may have post-grad life)! So, I met up with one of my favorite humans on the planet, photographer Kale (pronounced Kallie) Ross, and did an editorial with one of my good friends, and sorority sisters, Valerie. Kale and I love to shoot editorials, specifically sports related editorials, so we thought a track-inspired shoot was in order. We shot at a local high school, used clothes that I already owned, and Val did her own hair and makeup! It goes to show you do not need to cash out a huge chunk of change to get some AMAZING pictures. Attached below is a gallery of the images Kale took, I styled, and Valerie modeled for, as well as the mood board for the shoot. Enjoy! x


HI Y'ALL. HAPPY MONDAY. Now if you're like me, you're a cup-half-full, start-the-week-on-a-happy-note kind of gal. Given that September is INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S FRIENDSHIP MONTH, I thought of no better way to start the week, than by reminiscing on all the wonderful girls that have supported me to grow into the woman that I am! Growing up, I was always in a very feminine environment, but I never found it supporting. I also found myself competing with everyone around me - whether it be the girls in my classes, my close friends, or even the girls on my high school cheerleading team. I was never happy with myself because I always thought I could be "more" of something - blonder, skinnier, tanner, smarter, happier, more popular - the list is endless. And after graduating high school and getting out of my teen years, I finally realized that EVERYONE IS COMPETING FOR THE SAME DANG THINGS. The girls who I thought were perfect, thought the opposite and thought that THEY needed to work harder, better, faster, stronger, etc. And then after I realized this, I was like "WHY in the WORLD did I just spend all of my teenage years being so upset with myself?!"

And then I found my people.

It is so dang true that you will find your humans in college, as long as you look for them. You can't expect to not try, and to find your girl gang, because if you do not put any effort into your friendships, than what do you expect these friends to put into your friendship?! ANYWAYS, I decided to go through rush and actually make friends when I was 19. And it was the best decision of my life. These ladies, all 200 of 'em, support me, love me, lift me up, hold me accountable for all my actions (both good and bad, because hey - no one is perfect, but we should always strive to be the best versions of ourselves). And I finally realized that sisterhood is one of the best and most life-changing things that can ever happen to a girl like me. I have become more outgoing, humbled, stronger, smarter, caring, and more optimistic because of these 200 strong, beautiful women. Through all of our best highs and our really low low's, we have one another to count on. And that is something so much bigger than all of us.  

I'll leave y'all off with a quote, and then you can go out and about on your Monday with a happy note -

"I am an example of what is possible when girls from the very beginning of their lives are loved and nurtured by people around them. I was surrounded by extraordinary women in my life who taught me about quiet strength and dignity." Michelle Obama

BE the extraordinary women that CREATE extraordinary women. Happy Monday! x, Laur

Big Little Week: As Told By Kanye West GIFs

Ah, yes. Fall. Not only does this season bring PSL's, the best damn Target Dollar Section merch, and knitted hats with pom poms even though its still 98 degrees outside, but most importantly - it brings Big Little week. Spending hundred(s) of dollars on someone you have known for about three weeks may seem a little much for anyone out there in the real world? But for those inside our world? Big Little week is the IRL Hunger Games of the season, and may only the best survive. Here's 10 Kanye West's GIFs explaining Big Little Week like it really is. HAPPY FRIDAY. x

When another girl wants your girl as her little.

And it just keeps happening to every girl you find.

Finally finding the PERFECT girl and then Big Little chair tells you "You are not allowed to tell any new member that you specifically want them as a little"

Trying to remain calm before reveal so you can still surprise her, even though everyone knows that she knows.

When she sees you after she opens her first basket and you know she luuuuuuuuuuvs u.

And then after she opens her second basket to runs up to you telling her that she thinks a different person is her big and that she loves them so much.

Waiting for this m*ther f*ing week to be over because it's giving you too much damn anxiety, and you have no idea how your big managed to pull off a week of amazing presents.

Basically proposing to her at reveal because you know she'll be in your life for the rest of it.

When she starts yelling at you for lying to her that you ~ weren't ~ her big 

Riding off into the sunset and living happily ever after together.




HI all! With so many new girls to meet and greet in my sorority (#NewMems) and just wanting to catch up with some old gal pals, I've decided that a blog post with all the cutest places to get brunch in the Phoenix area, was in order! Whether you are traveling here for Spring training games, the weather, or just the views, brunch is always a necessity. 70 degree weather is coming just around the corner (and staying here until MARCH, heck ya!) outdoor patios, mimosas, and avo toast are a necessity!

B E L O W are my fav places to grab brunch in the Valley !! Have fun, and happy munchin'!!!!

1. Farm and Craft

4302 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ

2. Chestnut

4350 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ

3. Flower Child

They have a few locations, so check their website for the one closest to you!

4. The Henry

4455 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ


5. Farm at South Mountain

 6106 S 32nd St, Phoenix, AZ

6. ChopShop

They have a few locations, so check their website for the one closest to you!

7. Pomegranate Cafe

 4025 E Chandler Blvd #28, Phoenix, AZ

8. Nami

2014 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ

9. Nekter

 They have lots of  locations, so check their website for the one closest to you!

10. Coronado

2201 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ