My Favorite Deck of Cards

It's that time of year...
GraduationBirthdaysMothersDayFathersDayBridingCeremoniesMoreBirthdays ACK ACK ACK!

Little do most people know, I have kept every single card that has ever been given to me! From birthdays to high school graduation to love letters from elementary school valentines, I have them all. This is somewhat surprising, as most people that know me personally know I am one to chuck almost anything I get into a donation or trash pile because I hate hate hate clutter (but I'll save more on this for another post)!

After a trip to Target this morning (P.S. Why must I always go to Target on Saturday mornings?? CRAZINESS), I decided, like normally, that I hate people, hate wearing clothing and makeup on Saturdays, and will always prefer to lay in bed all Saturday than wander out into public. Hence, here is a collection of cards from small businesses (#HellzYa!) on Etsy that I am in love with! Stock up today, and save your Saturday's!!

Little Lovelies Studio

*Mix and Match 6 cards for $20 or 10 cards for $30!*

Rhubarb Paper Co

** Mix and Match 3 cards for $12 or 6 cards for $24 **

Sarah Burns Prints

** $2.70 each!**