10 Shows To Bingewatch This Summer

 It's 120 here in Arizona today, and there is no chance of me even getting close to outside today (except to run to meet the Postmate driver at my curb because a girl needs her sushi ya know???). Michael and I have been so obsessed with The Office lately, he giggles like every five seconds it's hilarious, that we even decided to go as Pam and Jim for Halloween! Since I have weekday mornings free until Fall classes starts again (last year of school ever - YAY), I have been stuck inside and vicariously living through the shows below - enjoy!!

The Handmaid's Tale

Criminal Minds

The Office

The People VS. O.J. Simpson


Santa Clarita Diet

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. A classic.

 Parks & Rec


How To Get Away With Murder