The 10 Worst Parts About Being A PNM As Told By Brittney Spears GIFS

Recruitment is approaching - cue the theme song to Jaws. And The Shining. And Insidious.

Rush/Recruitment/Whatever-You're-Calling-It is one of the most uncomfortable experiences thousands of college women each year are lucky enough to be forced (#Standards) to go through each year. Lucky for the girls who already have found their home, they get to spend the day screaming their heart out over a sisterhood that changed their lives, they spend all their time in, and is probably the reason they might be a little in debt right now (I can't pay dues but I can always find at least 30 shirts I want on the T-Shirt Swap FB page. Shit).

Britney Spears knows what up, and here are the 10 worst parts (9 really) about being a PNM!

1. Door songs. I'll leave them at that.

2. That part when they're literally on their knees in front of your chair, holding uncomfortable conversation with you - while you internally debate if you remembered to blend in your foundation this morning.

3. Faking excitement when they find one similarity with you
"You're also from *insert state* NO way!!!" (Even though your towns are, like, 8 hours apart)

4.  "And THIS wonderfulbeautifulamazingsmarttalented human is my little!!! She is my favorite human in the history ofeveranditotallythinkyouwouldloveheromgit'slike-"

5. Watching their recruitment video over. and over. and over. again and trying to convince yourself (and your parents) that you are ~not~ signing up to join a cult.

6. The awkward transitions when a new sister comes to chat and you can tell the only thing they know about one another is their names!! (#Sisterhood???)

7.  Tricking all your bottom houses into thinking they're your top because there is no way you are about to suicide rush!

8. Saying goodbye to your Rush Crush after the final round and feeling like you are emotionally cheating on your boyfriend

9. Watching other PNMs cry after each round but you know you're not about to show them your weaknesses. This is war. Save the tears for the co-ed bathroom tonight at 1am after your roommate finally falls asleep.

10. Finally making it to Bid Day and realizing these are your people no matter how weird/sad/cute/smart you think you are, they'll love you. And that it's really not four years - it's for life.