Not-Your-Average Big Little Gifts! // Sorority Series: Part TWO

I am definitely one of those girls that loves my little to death, brags about her to strangers, and basically takes over the role of her mother whenever she is remotely close to me. Sorry, not sorry (Lit, if you are reading this I love u honey).  If I could go back time and remake her week of baskets, btw. when is big appreciation week???, here are 10 things I would definitely gift to my little!

1. Matching UNICORN water bottles for Big/Little workout sesh's

2. When your little is the Jim to your Pam. :,)

3. "I found my future bridesmaid in (INSERT CHAPTER NAME)!!" - literally every girl during rush. Might as well get them a shirt for it.

4. Barbie had the car, the house, and the man. But she never had a little like yours.

5. Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how I love, um, my letters (?)

6. But first, Big and Little coffee mugs (these are customizable!)

7. Coordinates of her new chapter house, with her new college town?? Heck ya.

8. A custom felt fan? Umm, I'll take 7???

9. Your forever adventure pal deserves a scrapbook to document all of your travels together, and heck - who doesn't love a tribute to Pixar's Up.

10. A cute customizable piggy bank so she can start saving for dues?? DUH