T-Shirt Swaps & Exchanges // Sorority Series: Part FOUR

Sororities are a magical fairy land of happiness and lots of glitter, and finding a cute shirt with your letters and a ~rare~ design from that small college from the middle of somewhere or another can prove to be impossible. Until you discover your national (sometimes international) t-shirt swap pages, which will make you want to cry sparkly unicorn tears of pure joy. TShirt Swap/trades/shares/etc etc. are private Facebook pages with thousands of girls that are in your house, from chapters all across the country. Not only can you buy gently used tanks/tees/backpacks/flags/LITERALLY EVERYTHING(!!!) from girls in your sorority from across the nation for normally only a few bucks, but it is also an amaaaaaazing way to make a few easy dollars when you decide that you really ~don't~ need 23481409 items with your letters on it. *sigh* (P.S. These FB groups work WONDERS when trying to make your little(s) baskets for reveal! You will save SO MUCH FREAKIN MONEY). Happy (letter) huntin'!

P.S. If yours isn't linked - I'm still looking for the page! If you know it, feel free to leave the website address in the comments below!) xx