Clean Out Your College Apartment // Why Minimalism Will Help You SUCCEED This Semester!

Hi cuties! I honestly cannot believe this is the first full week of my SENIOR year of college. Time honestly flew by way too fast, and there has already been a lot of tears about this all ending (but really, we all know I will be back at my chapter house every weekend and being that one alum that never really leaves. it's fine, we're fine). So, with me being basically a grandma/house mom of my apartment, I have been collecting a few things I have picked up throughout my years that have really helped me manage this whole college-thing! The main point of this post is that less is more (I know, crAazY). But really. When you have less clutter to clean, less outfits to choose from, and less random objects just sitting around your tiny (because lets face it - your college apartment is definitely tiny) apartment, you will be able to appreciate the things you love, and the memories even more. Your limited time in college is way more precious than that clutter just sitting around! Below are 10 tips on how to minimize the things in your life, and start this school year with a bang! If you have any more ideas on how Y O U  use minimalism in your student life, comment below - we would love to hear!

  1. Sell your textbooks and DVDs back to Amazon! Amazon has an amazing buy back program for books, CD's, DVD's, and more. Chegg also has a similar program. If you're not looking to make a few extra dollars, consider donating these to your local library!
  2. Schedule a Salvation Army Pick Up! Deep clean your apartment (I recommend the Kon Mari method) and start putting boxes together of what you do not need (emphasis on the word  N E E D). Ask your friends, family, roommates, sorority sisters, etc. if they have anything they're looking to get rid of too.
  3. Donate your school supplies! Once I got to college, I quickly realized all I need  is my laptop and my agenda. This may not be for you (my major is heavily based online), but if you can donate any gently used pencils, pens, notebooks, binders to a local elementary school I am sure those teachers and kiddos will appreciate you SO. DANG. MUCH!
  4. Donate blankets and towels to an animal shelter! Lots of shelters aren't too cozy for the furry friends because of lack of funds, donors, or volunteers. By donating your extra blankets, you can make a big difference to those animals by giving them a cozy place to sleep in, so they're not as scared.
  5. Fill old purses with hygiene products and give to woman shelters! A lot of these women lack basic hygienic needs such as tampons, shampoo, toothpaste, and more. By filling up your old purse with these objects, you are not only putting good use to that old bag, but helping out a girl in need.
  6. Sell old phones to your cellular provider! I know when my old iPhone shattered, Verizon paid me $90 to take it for the parts. #HellzYes. If you're looking to donate your phone instead, a lot of Women's Shelters will take them as well!
  7. Sell your old sorority stuff on the T-Shirt Swap pages! Personally, I hate having a bunch of t-shirts sitting around that I know I will only wear to bed. I'm just not a t-shirt girl, and the sorority shirts I do choose to keep are normally very special (my bid day, recruitment, etc.). Why not re-purpose those shirts that are collecting dust in your closest,
  8. Go through your pantry and donate any canned/boxed foods you know you won't eat (THAT HAVEN'T EXPIRED) to your local food bank! I am the absolute worst grocery shopper in the world and always buy so much food that I never end up eating. I think the perfect option to clean out my pantry is to make sure that the food goes to those people who NEED it and not in the trash!
  9. Collect all your spare change and donate it! Philo season is coming up and that means PENNY WARS. With so many different charities to donate to, choose your favorite, or split up your change as you wish, and fill up those penny war jugs with all that spare change (because let's face it, most of us won't be trying to pay for our Starbucks with 30 pennies, 15 dimes, and 8 quarters).
  10. Send all your expired medications to a SAFE drop off location at your local Fire or Police Department! This is something I've seen my mom doing for years, so naturally I continued the same when I moved out of my childhood house. Medications (even Advil, DayQuil, etc) ALL expires and after they expire, will not have the effect they are supposed to. Stay safe by not consuming these after they expire, and SAFELY dispose of them at your local Police or Fire Station.