Ways to Give Back // Sorority Series Part FIVE

Most sororities mandate that girls volunteer outside of their philanthropy for about 10 hours each semester. Now if you're like me, there is  l i t e r a l l y  no time for anything but school/work/mandatory srat events once the year starts! College is hard -like, reeeeeeally hard - and budgeting time is even HARDER! So, in order to not stress about my Community Service chairs coming @ me during finals week, I'm getting all of my hours done before school starts! I'm super lucky that my chapter counts summer volunteer hours for the Fall, so be sure to ask if yours does too!

Here are a few ways to earn those hours and give back to your community:

Did you know that only 3% of American's donate blood each year, but 38% of American's are eligible to donate blood?! Donating blood is seriously one of the EASIEST ways to get community service hours. All you have to do is sit there ;) Plus, afterwards you and a bunch of your sisters can have a pizookie party after!

Round up all of your half-used craft supplies (glitter, glue, scrapbooking supplies, etc.) and donate them to your local Girl Scout troop or elementary school!

Sign up for BeTheMatch.org! I signed up in the Fall of 2015 (almost two years ago). Have a bunch of your sisters order kits and have them shipped to your chapter house, and all you need to do is swab the inside of your cheek and mail it back in the pre-paid envelope! Unfortunately, I have yet to be a match for any of the people who REALLY need it, but you (and maybe me one day) might be!

KonMari your apartment, family's home, grandparents home, etc. and schedule a pickup from the Salvation Army to come take it all away! It will be SO nice before the holiday season to have a fresh, clean house to come home to!

Good luck ladies!! xoxo