Let's Talk About... 10 Cute Greek Clothing Companys!

 Hey y'all! With Big Little season coming up, I know it can be so dang stressful trying to fill up those baskets. The last Big & Little Gift Guide was a hit, so I thought I would give y'all some more options! Below are 10 Greek Clothing Company's I absolutely love. The owners of these boutiques are 100% for supporting Greek Life, and that's something just so great! There are soooo many more Greek Life shops, but these are the ones I am choosing to focus on today! Comment below your favorite shop, if it isn't on here! :) xoxo, Laur

Adam Block Design
ABD is a go-to for most Sorority T-Shirt pages. I have ordered a lot from their group orders that ship individually, and have really loved the products they offer! Their designs are modern, but not always trendy, which is nice because I feel like I can wear them even after some trends die down. Personally, my favorite ABD product I own is the KD sweatshirt I featured below! It's such a classic, and I know I'll be wearing it years after I become an alum!

Ali and Ariel
Ali and Ariel is honestly one of my favorite shops ever. Ali, the owner, is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met  - inside and out! I am super lucky that my campus is Ali & Ariel's "home" college (it's about 20 minutes from their office), so we get tons and tons of goodies from them! Their designs are always so fresh, and there lookbooks are always the best. They do custom orders for chapters (12 minimum), but also sell individual products on the 'Shell Shack'! 

Boutique Greek
Boutique Greek is perfect if you are looking for a one-stop shop for all your Little's apparel needs: tops, buttons, bags, sweatshirts, etc. They are a preppy and classic Greek company, and offer pretty much every house!

Greekly is one of the newest Greek shops! They are very unique in that they offer one shirt for each chapter, and only for a week. They really focus on having fresh designs, no chapter has the same design, and the prices are pretty affordable!

M & D Sorority Gifts
M & D has literally every product available for every chapter. That said, their designs are pretty classic and stick to just the normal Greek Letter embroideries. This is a really great option if your little is looking for something that can be worn for her entire college career and can be passed down to her daughter (legacies) because they aren't as trendy and hold their value!

The Social Life
The Social Life is the best place to be if your Little is looking for a West Coast wardrobe. They're a very modern graphic company that primarily bases their designs off of other logos (think: vintage band tee's). One of my favorite parts about TSL is the cult-like following, and that they have full apparel graphics (i.e. it's not just screen-printed on, so you don't have to worry about the designs fading or cracking over time). That said, their designs are a little pricier because they do have their own clothing label (every tag is TSL, as with other companies normally use Bella Canvas, American Apparel Wholesale, Comfort Colors, etc. - TSL does not).

Sorority Letters Shop
Sorority Letters Shop is also very similar to Boutique Greek and M&D, in that they offer pretty simplistic designs, but in more forms. There are a few different options that Sorority Letters Shop offers that the others didn't, like onesies, puffer vests, and silk or waffle robes, that I thought were perfect for big little reveal outfits. This shop is also pretty affordable, because their graphics are much easier to print!

South By Sea

South By Sea probably has the most graphics I have ever seen in my life! They have a great campus rep program, and graphic designers who always have a fast turn around - whether it be for small edits or creating brand new designs from scratch. They do not offer items directly for sale, but do sometimes offer group orders with individual shipping (check your sororities t-shirt swap for any on-going sales)! 

Uptown Greek
Uptown Greek is definitely the place to go for Sorority home goods. They have hundreds and hundreds of products for sale immediately (some companies wait until they reach a minimum causing the wait to be a few weeks or even months). A few items I noticed Uptown Greek having, that others tended to not have, is front license plates, baby clothes for legacies, and soooooo many buttons. 

224 Apparel
224 Apparel definitely falls into the more modern and West Coast-vibes in SororityLand. They are based in Scottsdale, Arizona which is 20 minutes from my campus, so I've had plenty of my sisters work for them! They are unique in that they have the 224 Store which sells non-Greek apparel, which pretty much no other Greek shop does, but they offer it side by side with their Greek Lettered clothing. That said, there is definitely less pickings for on-demand clothing, and most of their designs can only be purchased through group orders.