My ThredUp Clean Out Experience!

Over the years, with each move, I have wanted to own less and less things. Honestly this is mainly because I am extremely Type-A, suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, and am constantly terrified that everything I own might be stolen, lost, burnt to the ground, or lost in a flood (For all those wondering: I live on the third floor unit of a brand-new college apartment building in Arizona. AKA a very flood, theft, and fire-resistant home. But anxiety, ya know?)

After I began my journey of healing in May of 2016, with therapy and a prescription-figuring-out trial and ultimate success, I realized I can get rid of some of my anxiety by not owning things to worry about. This really was never an effort to become more eco-friendly, help the world, or to declutter, but honestly just for anxiety-reducing purposes. But along the way, all of those things really made me feel good (and less anxious) as well! Yay - 2 for 2!

Now I should note, throughout high school I was pretty good at making money selling to second-hand stores such as Plato's Closet, My Sisters Closet (the for high-end resale in Phoenix), Buffalo Exchange, Uptown Cheapskate, etc etc. The list goes on! While all of those were great and fun, I am now extremely lazy and just really don't like the smell/vibe of some of these stores. That's why when I came across a more clean-cut second-hand store that, well, didn't seem second-hand I jumped. And so then I spent $140 in June at ThredUp buying brand-new Lululemon sports bras, tanks, shorts, etc. which is a BARGAIN if you're a Lulu girl like me!

After ordering, I saw the "Clean Out" section of the website, and went through the process of ordering a bag so I could give away some of my clothes I never wear. I selected the option to just donate the clothes they don't want because I couldn't care less about them. They have sat in my "Donate/Sell" pile for 6-8 months and aren't doing anything for me! Plus, if you are looking to make a profit selling clothes, you are definitely barking up the wrong tree and will end up extremely disappointed/frustrated/angry in the long run. I like to think of these services as making a good donation and maybe making a buck or two in the long run. I ordered the bag on a Friday and it was shipped and at my house in Phoenix by Monday! It shipped from San Francisco, so although I knew it'd be quick it was much faster than I expected.

Before I sent the clothes away, I hand-washed everything and prepped it to be resold. This definitely helps to sell more to the companies because they will not launder or fix your clothes at all due to the volume of clothes they receive. Everything needs to be ready to be sold! I used to be a stylist for a few indie magazines, and used a few tricks up my sleeve to get the clothes looking brand new. If you would like a post about how I clean my clothes to bring them back to brand-new condition, let me know! Then, after they were pressed and perfect, I folded them in the Marie Kondo fashion so they A.) Look pleasing, and 2.) I could fit the most amount of clothing into the bag.

2016 Olivia Ceous Small Black Camisole
2015 Free People Intimate Black Camisole Lace Detailed Dress Small
2014 Top shop Cropped Black Sweater Size US 12
2015 Anthropologie Brand ‘Mauve’ Maroon Peasant Top size small
2015 Banana Republic Baby Pink High Waisted Mini Skirt with ruffles size 0
2015 Christian Dior Silk Slip size Small
2014 Lacoste Size 36 Teal Blue polo
2014 Christian Dior Large Grey Cashmere Sweater
2016 American Apparel Black and white striped romper size XS
2014 Wildfox Baggy Beach Jumper Thermal Upside Down Eiffel Tower in Grey size small
2015 Banana Republic Pussy Cat Bow Black Silk Button Up Long Sleeve Camisole in Small
2013 Banana Republic Medium Beige Trenchcoat with Belt
2016 Moon River Red-Orange Romper size Small
2013 365 Apparel Brown Button Up with Rhinestones size small
2015 Lush Maroon bell sleeve dress size small
2015 Pleione Small Grey-beige peasant top
2015 Zara Womens Bow Top Black with white detail size small
2012 Abercrombie and Fitch Embroidered Lightwash denim shorts size 2
2015 Free People Denim Shorts size 25
2013 Zara Trafaluc jumpsuit grey size small
2015 Calvin Klein navy leggings size 4
2015 Theory Black leggings size small
2012 Addie Highwaisted Navy shorts size small
2013 Brandy Melville High Neck cropped blank camisole size small
2013 Christian Dior Oversized Grandpa off-white sweater size male medium
2013 Banana Republic Small Merino Wool Sweater size small
2013 Ann Taylor Loft Medium Navy Sweater
2015 Brandy Melville Black and White striped turtleneck
2013 Brandy Melville cropped faux-suede button up hooded jacket
2013 Free People White mini sundress size small
2012 Blue Rain Medium white silk a-line skirt
2014 Brandy Melville Black peony print dress size small
2013 Brandy Melville daisy print ruffle dress size small
2013 Brandy Melville Grey oversized long sleeve size small
2013 Brandy Melville dark green oversized long sleeve size small
2012 Zara Knit floral grandma sweater size small
2013 Brandy Melville asymmetrical grey dress

The bags were shipped on June 10th, and I received notification that ThredUp had received the bag on June 21st. I knew there was going to be a pretty long delay in how long it would take to process my order, and also that they wouldn't just be taking "anything", because of how popular the site had become due to popular influencers like Aspyn Ovard and Amber Fillerup promoting the website. Albeit, when I ordered the bag they said online when I ordered the Clean Out bag that the entire process would take three weeks, not two months. The bags were processed 73 days later, on August 22nd, 2017. I was definitely kind of disappointed that they didn't take a few of the items (mostly the Dior...) but whatever. They were sitting in my closest, collecting dust, and I wasn't going to wear them. Might as well just cut my loses! I decided just to opt-in for the ThredUp credit instead of cashing the $29.06 out, and ordered a new matching LuluLemon set for an upcoming flight to Miami!

All in all, I definitely recommend ThredUp. No, this is not a website where you should be looking for a second-source of income, or significant amount of money to come back to you. But, if you are looking for an ethical place to send your clothes to be resold and, if not, responsibly recycled, then this is a one-stop shop to finally cleaning out your closet and not having that pile of clothes (we alllll have *that* pile of clothes) waiting for months to be taken out! Here is my affiliate link for YOU to receive $10 off your first order at ThredUp! They also have a great deal where, on top of this, you receive 40% your first purchase as well!

Happy cleaning (and shopping) ;)