Prada Marfa Sorority Printables // Digital Downloads

Hi ladies ! I hope your recruitment season is coming along well, and your toes aren't swelled up to the size of mini sausages - because mine are. (Hint: do NOT wait until the night before recruitment to buy brand-new 4-inch heels, because you 1.) will be wearing them for the next 48 hours, and 2.) after the 49th hour you will start to consider amputation as a reasonable option). I am so excited for the new set of babies to come along for this crazy adventure, and have lloooooovvveeedddd meeting so many PNM's last weekend, and can't wait for rush to finish up. With Bid Day in less than a week now (*Insert Screaming*), I thought it'd be best to release a new printable to get the spirits up! I am a high-key Gossip Girl OG fan, and thought that the iconic Prada Marfa sign would be an amazing option for y'all. These printables can be downloaded, printed, and then framed for a super-glossy look - perfect for a city apartment. If you're feeling crafty, these printables also work super well to trace onto tissue paper to transfer onto a canvas, cooler, or basically anything else. No matter how you do it, you're doing it right if Serena van der Woodsen has the same thing. Anyways, xoxo - Gossip Gir-, err, Laur.