Sorority DISNEY Stickers!! // Digital Downloads

Hey y'all! You all have me over the moon with how many downloads we had from the Starbucks Sorority Digital Downloads! I LUV sharing #PanLuv and figured, hey why not add more for y'all to use?! Whether it's on a cooler, canvas, paddle, buggy jug, yeti, hydroflask - YOU NAME IT! -  these are super fun to have and to share! If your letters/house AREN'T below, comment whatcha need and I'll get it to ya ;) Just be sure to leave your name so I know where to send it! These are absolutely FREE! All I ask is that you can share the love with your chapter once you download them <3

*me, creating y'alls ideas and bringing them to life*

AS ALWAYS, if your chapter isn't featured here, or you're looking for a different design - comment below!

xoxo, Laur