The 10 Stages of Reading GreekRank as told by Kardashian GIFs

Opening up GreekRank because you're bored in class.

Then immediately realizing this was a very big mistake.

Getting your feelings hurt about 10 seconds into reading your Sorority's page.

 Then, you and your bruised ego spend 30 minutes trying to figure out which chapter is doing the sh*ttalking.

Then, after you Criminal Mind's that sh*t you convince yourself they just want to ~ be ~ in your chapter.

Then, you will want to seek revenge.

You will then start to justify your revenge and start to form a strategic take-down plan.

But you'll be too scared that they'll figure out it was your chapter who posted it and you'll decide to be the better person and look away.

And then you see that another new thread was started on your page, and it's even more evil.

Finally, you'll remember it's all meaningless bullsh*t, and that Greek Life is absolutely nothing like how this website makes it seem.

All in all, I hope all y'all going through recruitment (either as a PNM or official member) realize that this website is bullsh*t and is never true/written by people who still think they're in middle school. Let your sisterhood be YOUR sisterhood, and their sisterhood be THEIR sisterhood! #GirlsSupportGirls