Fresh Start // 10 Quick Ways To Make This Weekend PRODUCTIVE!

Growing up, I remember my mom always cleaning up the house on the weekends. It was so therapeutic for her to end the week by giving a fresh start to the next, and I definitely have maintained this lifestyle for the past two and a half years since I moved out of my mom's house (#college). Normally on the weekends, particularly Sundays, I love lighting a candle, putting some John Mayer or Jack Johnson on Spotify, and tidying up the mess leftover from the week before. I definitely clean throughout the week, but there are a few "extra" things I like to do on the weekends to clear my mind. It also makes Monday's less terrible! Here are 10 quick n' easy ways you (yes, YOU!) can clean up your little home and mind in less than an hour!

1. Clean out your email's inbox, archives, and trash. First of all, this will clear up a ton of your phones memory and make it way faster. Second, you definitely don't need those spam emails from 2 years ago! I toss nearly everything and empty out the trash. Unless it's a confirmation for something I ordered that hasn't come in, an email to a professor, or my apartment's renewal letter  - it's a goner! While you're at it cleaning out your inbox, sign up for Unroll.Me. This will stop all those spam emails from coming to you at all! Being proactive makes future you PRODUCTIVE!

2. Order a ThredUp Bag. While it does take a few days for the bag to ship (for free!), you can clean out your closet in the meantime (so when it does come, you can pop all your clothes into the bag and ship it out right away). I recommend getting rid of anything you haven't worn in the last month, unless it's seasonal or for a special occasion. Even then, if it doesn't fit - don't keep it. ThredUp will give you some cash back for the clothes they choose to sell on their website, and the rest they donate. I always throw in any PJ's that aren't looking too nice or anything with holes in it because even though I know I won't get paid for it, I know they will be responsibly recycled or donated!

3. Color code your agenda with ALL of your school assignments, quizzes, and exams for the semester. I would even add in all of your sorority events into the agenda, even if they aren't mandatory so if you do decide to go you have it written down! Also, add your work schedule and pay days into your agenda so you can always keep track.

4. Clearing up some phone data is definitely something we all can get behind! Delete any screenshots/photos you don't need anymore. I know I can get pretty sentimental about pictures, so I always upload everything from a certain year into a private Facebook folder before deleting them off my phone. Then, at the end of the year I'm going to get an album printed off all of the pictures! This way they become more special, still gives you a place to share your pictures, and clears up space for new memories. Don't forget to empty out your trash folder on your phone too, or the space won't be cleared up!

5. While you're at it, delete any old Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Text messages from your phone. This is a practice I've been doing for years! After I finish a conversation, I delete it. Not only does this help my anxiety levels from skyrocketing so I can't read a text over and over and over again, but, again, it clears up more phone data. A win-win!

6. I'm definitely a stickler about debt. If I ever use my credit card, I always always always pay it off by the weekend. Not only is this a great financial habit to get into (AKA if you can't afford to pay it off, you probably can't afford to buy it), but it will do wonders for your credit score! I'm talkin' to you Miss. I-Need-A-Car-Loan-And-House-Loan-After-College (Good Credit = Low Interest Rates = Less $$$ You Spend On A Car/Home)!

7. Clean out your fridge! If anything is old, slimy, sticky, or any other adjective that isn't preferable - toss it. Give your fridge a quick wipe down, and you will be good to go!

8. Clean your sheets and make your bed. Trust me, this is one of the quickest ways to feel put-together and ready for the day!

9. Empty your desk of any old papers, receipts, essays, etc. that you no longer need for class. If you're worried about anything, scan it in. Besides that, toss it! Paper clutter is one of my least favorite types of clutter!

10. Lastly, deep clean your purse! Take everything out and really assess what you need. If you haven't used it in the last week, it probably doesn't belong. Be sure to dump your bag upside down to get rid of any crumbs/glitter/bobby pins that are running amok in there, wipe everything down to get rid of any makeup/other (yikes!) residues, and then put everything back in there where it belongs.

I hope these tips helped you to get your weekend started with a big ole' bang! If you keep these up as a weekly routine, you will honestly start to see WONDERS in your productivity levels. Best of luck, and Happy Friday! xx