BID DAY 2017! // Kappa Delta Sorority - Arizona State University

Bid Day Season is upon us! My chapter was so dang lucky to take in 85 brand NEW MEMBERS this recruitment season, and I am high-key obsessed with each and every one of them. Watching my chapter grow, as close-knit as we are, is bittersweet. Knowing that these 85 women will be taking our chapter to incredible new heights, create new memories, and becoming even stronger and more confident women, themselves, is the most rewarding feeling. This year, for Bid Day, our theme was NASCAR/Fast and the Furious. Lemme tell y'all, this theme was the BEST. We welcomed home all the cuties, with our cute new shirts and bid day bags from Ali and Ariel , to our chapter home. Then, as a chapter, we took all the new little ones to K1 Racing and rented out the whole place! It really fit into the NASCAR theme and was so dang fun to bond with all the girls!

Express Body Art was so gracious to send me a few samples of their custom sorority glitter for bid day for our chapter to try out! The best part about Express Body Art is that the colors and designs are 100% customizable to match any theme, colors, or chapter. Their customer service is the and they work so dang hard! Before knowing about this company, my chapter would honestly use cheap glitter from a local craft store and Vaseline. Yikes! Not only will this definitely make your face break out, but its just not safe to be pouring all this on your body. Click here for more info about these amazing girls!

Scroll down for all the cute bid day pictures, and this post will be updated with our bid day 2017 video once it goes live! xx

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Express Body Art