Big Little Week: As Told By Kanye West GIFs

Ah, yes. Fall. Not only does this season bring PSL's, the best damn Target Dollar Section merch, and knitted hats with pom poms even though its still 98 degrees outside, but most importantly - it brings Big Little week. Spending hundred(s) of dollars on someone you have known for about three weeks may seem a little much for anyone out there in the real world? But for those inside our world? Big Little week is the IRL Hunger Games of the season, and may only the best survive. Here's 10 Kanye West's GIFs explaining Big Little Week like it really is. HAPPY FRIDAY. x

When another girl wants your girl as her little.

And it just keeps happening to every girl you find.

Finally finding the PERFECT girl and then Big Little chair tells you "You are not allowed to tell any new member that you specifically want them as a little"

Trying to remain calm before reveal so you can still surprise her, even though everyone knows that she knows.

When she sees you after she opens her first basket and you know she luuuuuuuuuuvs u.

And then after she opens her second basket to runs up to you telling her that she thinks a different person is her big and that she loves them so much.

Waiting for this m*ther f*ing week to be over because it's giving you too much damn anxiety, and you have no idea how your big managed to pull off a week of amazing presents.

Basically proposing to her at reveal because you know she'll be in your life for the rest of it.

When she starts yelling at you for lying to her that you ~ weren't ~ her big 

Riding off into the sunset and living happily ever after together.