My Big September Clean Out!

Not only is it Friday, but it is the last Friday of the month! I thought I would reflect on some changes I made to my life this month, in terms of my journey to living with less to live life to the fullest! This month I settled into school, my apartment, and just my fall schedule. Managing school, a full-time job, a long-term relationship with M, family life, a crazy puppy that needs almost constant attention, sorority functions, and friends has been SO. DANG. HARD. Not to mention that it's senior year and I have no idea where the heck my life will be going in the next year! I know that there is a lot of uncertainty coming my way, and I really think minimalism has helped me cope with it. In not stressing about what I have (or don't have) has taken a LOT of anxiety out of my life. I'm not worried about breaking things, buying things, finding places for things, throwing things away, etc etc. The physical things in my life have decreased substantially and I really think it has been a huge factor into why I have been able to be busier! Just this month, I honestly think I have gone out with friends and loved ones WAY more than I have in YEARS. My journey with anxiety is coming to a happy ending, and I am loving my life right now. No, not everything is perfect. But, I am really happy with who I am and who I've become over the last year of working on my anxiety. SO. I thought a blog post was in order with how I have minimized even MORE this month!


I have been able to finish ALL of my MGT300 and MGT302 homework for the semester. This has taken a HUGE weight off my shoulders, knowing that I don't need to be worrying about finishing a simple assignment! I also have been able to get ahead on all of my homework for the next two weeks, as I am going to Miami next week with M and do NOT want to be bringing my laptop or any distractions, because I want to focus on the beach! I've also been able to write a paper a month in advance for my MKT302 class!


Yesterday, I was able to finally donate Princeton's, who is my 1 y/o maltipoo's, puppy crate, leashes, and dog stairs he never uses. My apartment is SO tiny that it really brought a lot of room to the apartment! PLUS, I was able to help some puppies in need! Always a win-win in my book. (P.S. I donated the items to Lost Our Home Pet Foundation in Tempe, AZ, if you are also looking to donate - they are an AMAZING organization my family has worked with since I was in high school!)


 I FINALLY shipped out my second ThredUp bag. It took me about a month to fill it, but I really just wanted to put EVERYTHING I do not want in there so I never have to go through this process again! If you are curious about what ThredUp is, or what the selling process is like, I made a blog post about my first selling experience HERE! I will also make another post about my second experience, as soon as it is processed (please be patient because this will take about 2 months - yikes!)

If you are looking to sell clothes online, here are a few great resources!
1. ThredUp
2. Poshmark
3. Ebay
4. Depop
5. Craigslist
6. Private Facebook Neighborhood Groups
7. Facebook Marketplace
8. Sorority Swaps