HOW IS IT MONDAY?! But also how is it only Monday! This weekend was filled with non-stop activities all over town, and I am so flippin' tired but content with how much livin' I did. On Friday afternoon, M and I went to Dia de los Alt, a local alt-indie outdoor music fest! It was about 80 degrees out which nevvvverrrrr happens here in the desert, and I was so lucky that this whole weekend's weather was absolutely dreamy. But anyways, the festival had so many performers, and was a little grass amphitheater with popcorn, lemonade, and lots of great artists!! My favorites were Sir Sly, Bleachers, and Bishop Briggs! The concert went from 3pm to 10pm so I was really flipping tired after working until 8am to 1pm that day, and then going to the concert, so M and I basically crashed right when we got home. On Saturday, we had a lazy morning and ran a few errands, and then I went off to hang with Abby and two new sisters! We went to the Toasted Mallow (formerly Fluff It) which is A MARSHMALLOW CAFE. LIKE EVERYTHING IS MARSHMALLOWS! I ordered a "Pretty Unicorn" which consisted of: a.) a graham cracker bowl, b.) purple vanilla frosting, c.) shimmery pastel sprinkles, d.) FIVE cotton candy flavored (!!!!) pink/purpole/white marbled marshmallows that were PERFECTLY toasted right in front of me, and the best part was e.) ACTUAL COTTON CANDY ON TOP! It was amazing. I also got a cotton candy marshmallow pop that I'll be making caramel apple pops with soon later this week, so stay tuned for that!! After that we went to Sodalicious which is a cute little soda shop! I ordered a DDD which (I think!) has coconut, dr. pepper, and fresh lime in it! It was amazing. Right after that we all hopped over to Tavai's for the CUTEST (because it's Tavai's) tailgate! Lots of our sisters were there so it was so much fun! Go State! (I never made it to the game, but we won against Oregon, yay!!!) Then I was so tired from all the events of the day, that I went home and just watched movies with my pup! On Sunday morning, Abby brought us three all to a Barre3 class at MountainSide resort! The class was on a rooftop deck at this brand-new (they weren't even done building the whole thing!) mid-century modern-esque resort, at the base of Camelback mountain, so we had the BEST view! It was so much fun, sweat, and laughs, but I am SO. SORE. But I definitely want to go again! After that, we bounced over to ChopShop for avo toast (#YUM) with lemon, cracked red pepper, and lemon juice! Later in the day, our chapter had a free crepe food truck at our sorority house, so we all went over there for free (heck ya!) crepes and sista-love time! Then, as always, the weekend ended with chapter! All in all, I had so much dang fun this weekend!! Sometimes I struggle a lot with my anxiety disorder, and it makes me want to stay inside my room because I know that even though I'll be bored, I won't have a flare-up. This weekend definitely helped me want to start LIVING more, and breathing in fresh air!! I hope this all inspires you to live your best life with your best friends, and is also a great way to celebrate #InternationalWomensFriendshipMonth! Love these girls, love life, and have a happy Monday!!! xoxo