7 Happy Things.

This month has f*cking sucked for a lot of reasons. Shootings, deaths, hurricanes, fires - you freaking name is and it has probably happened. With a close family member suffering a terrible tragedy yesterday, I pretty had the last straw with this shitty month and will not let myself stand around and just say "oh, hey. this sucks but I mean that's life - right?" No. You have to be the change you want to see in the world. While I'm figuring out what I what to do to make my small but mighty change on the world so I stop wallowing in a puddle of tears with this crumbling earth around me, I thought it would be best to be optimistic. I've always been a half-full cup type of gal but also a sit-around-and-watch-the-world type of gal. So today, partly for you but mostly for me, I decided to find seven different stories of people that saw something in the world they didn't like and how they actually made a valid effort to try and fix it or make it better. Happy Friday, and hug your loved ones a lot closer today. xx

1. The Girl Scouts raised over $1,000,000 in a single day to ensure that all young girls, no matter their financial situation, can be a girl scout and participate in camp.



2.  The Boys & Girls Club in Napa is allowing free daycare for children ages 6 to 18 for children affected by the fire, regardless of membership status or financial capability.

3. Paris is banning gas-powered cars by 2030 in an effort to save the planet.

4. The U.S. Women's National Soccer Team is supporting the men's team throughout their World Cup elimination - even though their pay is a quarter of their male counterparts and despite the fact they WON the World Cup in 2015 and have a great shot at winning the cup in 2019.


5. Suistudio USA is switching the gender-roles in their advertisements to call out the objectification of women, historically, in advertisements.

6. The documentary Without A Net discusses the hardships children may face if they do not have the financial capability to purchase the necessary technology for their primary education. Below is the entire documentary (for FREE)!



7. Yoga 4 Change offers yoga services to those suffering from abuse, trauma, military leave, substance abuse and/or recovery, as well as the incarcerated.