I Have Another Little?!

HIYA Y'ALL. Happy Monday!! Mondays suck but this past weekend is worth bragging about because I GOT ANOTHER LITTLE! I know. I'm crazy. I know I know I know. BUT HAVING SORORITY-CHILDREN IS SO MUCH FREAKIN FUN. Anyways I love her I love my day 1 lil and I love my two new sorority nieces I got this weekend too! And if you're not in greek life, you are probably all "whatthehellisshetalkingaboutisthisenglishissheactuallyamomwhatthefck" and so you should probably just scroll down, say "awww how cute"and then keep scrollin' buddy. AND FOR ALL MY SORORITY SISTAS - here is what I did for baskets and reveal!

So we only had TWO baskets this year! I was definitely not prepared for this, because when I was a little we received four baskets, and when I got my first little, Leandra, we have three! So these baskets were seriously PACKED!

For Day One, I got her a Starbucks metallic cup with her name in vinyl calligraphy on it, matching lil ombre pumpkins with glitter KD vinyl decals, gourmet popcorn, shirts, a Kate Spade postcard as her secret note, the creed and ta kala diokomen framed!

For Day Two, I got her a laptop cover, pink fluffy blanket, Teen Vogue Bible, two glittery frames, a bunch of shirts, a Juicy jacket with her name and our symbols embroidered in holographic silver, a Coffee & Confidence KD mug, gourmet marshmallows and chocolate!

Reveal was on a SATURDAY morning this year, bright and early! Lauren ran home to me wearing our matching fam shirts, juicy jacket, shorts, and furry slides! Literally the ENTIRE outfit was the same :,) LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER. My OG little was even there to welcome her home!! Seriously so dang fun. I also got two nieces! After reveal the whole fam went to ChopShop for brunch and then to The Madison for a spin class with #BumbleBizz! SO. FUN. (even though my booty is already sore from that workout) All the pics are below, and HAPPY FOUNDERS DAY, KD!!!