Kappa Delta Founders Day: Why This Day Means So Much To SO Many!

One hundred and twenty years ago this upcoming Monday, four women in Farmville, Virginia founded a sisterhood that would go on to impact the world. These women - Lenora, Mary, Julia, and Sara - would go on to lead their most honorable and beautiful lives, to the highest extent. Kappa Delta's founder have graced over a quarter of a million women, now members, with growth through lifetime learning, responsibility for one's own integrity and ethical actions, engagement in social and civil interests, altruistic service to others, and truth and loyalty to one another - our five pillars. As Kappa Deltas, our sisters have totaled countless amounts of volunteer hours for the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., and has raised over twenty-one million dollars for the Prevent Child Abuse America. This one is for you, Kaydee. For our past, our present, and our ever-confident, ever-loyal future. AOT.

“Out of such pure and simple beginnings, grow great and wonderful things.” – Lenora Ashmore Blackiston