Hi all! HAPPY HUMP DAY. This week has freakin' worn me out but in a nice, busy-but content way. Weekend, whereyaat??? Last Saturday, I had the BEST time taking my senior photos for college. I am graduating Arizona State with a BS in marketing from the WPCarey School of Business in April 2018, and am just so dang excited! I know a lot of people say to stay in college for as long as possible, but I'm actually graduating in three years! I just can't see myself not moving on in my life journey, and being stuck in school for another year. To each their own, I guess ;)

I took my pictures with Natalie Allen (I'll have everything linked below) at Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek, Arizona. Even though we took them in mid-October DURING a pumpkin and chile festival at the farm, the weather and all the plants looked like we were in spring. Heck, some of my favorite pictures are when I am in a peach tree grove picking wildflowers that had grown in the field in bits and pieces. We also found an adorable lemon yellow (my FAVORITE color of this season) pick-up truck, a sunflower field, and a little yellow barn! It was so dreamy and so much dang fun. I'll include everything below about my makeup, hair, outfit, and more!


MAKEUP ARTIST: Isiah Johnson
HAIR STYLIST: Ashley Petty
LOCATION: Schnepf Farms

Dress from: Secondhand Store!
Stole from: Amazon
Embroidered by one of my KD sister's!
Stitched Letters on stole from: Girlie Greek
KD Grad Cords from: Amazon
Grad Cap & Gown from: Amazon (a tutorial is coming soon for how I decorated my grad cap for less than $8!)