HEY Y'ALL. Happy Wednesday! All this week, I have been juggling midterms, projects, registering for my last semester of college (Um, what??) and kind of most importantly - apply for a million internships! My major offers elective credit for internships, so basically if I don't get an internship then I am stuck with a 7:45AM class my last semester of school! And to that I say a big HECK. NO. So anyways, that's why I've applied to over 30 internships! One of the most intimidating parts of applying was just sending in my resume to companies that weren't openly asking for internship applications. So, I found a bunch on Etsy (and most are for less than a cup of coffee!) that I LOVE and worked perfectly for me! Not only did they 1.) make my resume much more professional in a way faster manner than I could, but more importantly 2.) will make my resume stand out against other applicants! Below I have 10 different resumes featured, be sure to check them out!! xx

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