Ali & Ariel State Fair Photoshoot!

Hi all!

I am so so so happy to be able to have the chance to sneak a quick blog post in. I know I promised one post a week, but honestly my senior year has been kicking my BOOTY and this girl has been hitting the books so. dang. much. In between studying for Supply Chain and writing marketing reports, I had the amazing opportunity to shoot with Ali and Ariel! A lot of people know that I loooooooove this company. Ali, the founder, is one of the absolute sweetest people I have met. She is so so so caring, and beautiful inside and out! Her company, Ali and Ariel, makes super cute greek clothing, and we're lucky they're based so close to my campus! They host lots of fun events with us, and I've been working with Ali for a little over a year now. This photoshoot was so dang fun, and you can click here to see the full lookbook and shop all the outfits! xx

Clothing: Ali and Ariel
Photographer: Kayla Fisher
Location: AZ State Fair